Nurse Case Management FAQ's

The goal of a Nurse Case Manager is to understand the patient’s needs and coordinate available resources to meet those needs in a way that promotes the highest possible quality of life and care for each patient. In order to do this, a Nurse Case Manager works closely with both patients and their families to develop, implement, and oversee the patient’s long-term care plan. In addition, Nurse Case Managers collaborate with other medical professionals and agencies involved in the patient’s care, such as doctors, pharmacies, and insurance companies. Nurse Case Managers also strive to support patients and their families in accessing cost-effective care.

Nurse Care Managers are here to listen to you and help you. Nurse Case Managers are supportive advocates for their patients. They make life easier for patients and their families by creating a primary point of contact. Nurse Case Mangers facilitate communication between the patient, their medical care providers, and the various agencies involved in the patient’s care.

Research studies show patients reported their Nurse Case Manager was their preferred contact person for their medical concerns.1 Patients also reported:

  • Improved access to care
  • Improved communication between providers
  • Receiving more personalized information from their Nurse Case Manager than from other providers
  • Feeling supported in all aspects of creating and carrying out their health care plan

When a patient is not feeling well, it is difficult to effectively navigate the complicated health-care system effectively. Working with a Nurse Case Manager “provides a well-coordinated care experience to improve the care outcome, decrease the length of stay, and use multiple disciplines and services efficiently.