July 6, 2020

Mental Health, Level 1: Capable Caregiving for Mental Wellness




This full day class will allow you to discover how different types of mental health conditions affect individuals within the long-term care population and how to best care for this population. You will be required to pass a written examination to receive credit for this course.

The target audience of this class includes caregivers and healthcare providers who will be working with clients with mental health conditions in a long term care environment.

Key learning objectives includes:

1. Identify common mental health conditions
2. Define trauma-informed care and understand how trauma influences clients needs.
3. Understand risk factors and prevention of suicide.
4. Develop skills to respond effectively to challenging behaviors and to provide smooth day to day care.

This course is 8 hours long.

Cost is $130 (includes $30 non-refundable cancellation fee).

When booked with another full day population specific course a $15 discount is given for each class.

Trigger warning: This course contains detailed discussion of mental health conditions and suicide prevention and awareness. This course may contain material that triggers emotional reactions in some individuals.