July 6, 2020

Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants & Home Care Aides Course Description (9 hours) DSHS-Approved Signup


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The nurse delegation course in Washington state.

This training Course is for Washington State caregivers who work in, or will work in, community-based long-term care settings, adult family homes, homes, and assisted living locations who are CNA, HCA or eligible NAR. This course is required before accepting nursing delegated tasks by a delegating RN. You will be required to pass a written examination.

Learning objectives include:

1. Understand what nurse delegation in Washington State is and the nursing assistants role in the nurse delegation process.
2. Gain a basic understanding of medication administration and other tasks which may be delegated.
3. Identify tasks which may not be delegated.

This 9 hour course is available in two formats:

1. Self Study – This method involves studying at home and then coming to the IITRN office to take a proctored exam. This is recommended for the experienced caregiver who may have performed delegated tasks in other areas or highly motivated caregivers with strong English reading and writing skills. $30 (non refundable)

2. Hybrid course: This method involves studying at home (5 hours) and a 4 hour in person review of course content. Proctored exam follows the 4 hours content review. $70 (includes $30 non-refundable cancellation fee)