February 6, 2020

Ashley Gallamore, RN


Ashley became a registered nurse in 2009. She graduated from Clark Community College with an associate degree in nursing.

Ashley worked at Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center taking care of complicated patients after discharge from the hospital. It was there that Ashley perfected a multitude of practical skills. She dressed very complex wounds, including wound vacs. She performed peritoneal dialysis, IV therapy, blood draws, and management of urinary catheters. She handled medication management and developed assessment skills.

In 2011 Ashley started working at The Vancouver Clinic as a triage nurse, where she honed her critical thinking and assessment skills. She worked 1.5 years in the nephrology department, caring for patients facing kidney disease or kidney failure. Her work involved close monitoring of labs and patient symptoms. Later, she became a float to all specialty departments clinic wide, including gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology, and urgent care. With all specialties she assessed the clients in clinic, administered injections, and triaged patients over the phone.

In late 2012 Ashley transitioned to the Bloodless Surgery Department at Legacy Good Samaritan. Her job was to educate patients and doctors on bloodless alternatives for people who refused blood transfusions or the use of blood products. There she learned to appreciate medical research and best practices.

In 2014 she returned to the Vancouver Clinic, working primarily in the Pulmonology and Allergy departments. She administered IV’s and injections. Ashley also did phone triage, working closely with the doctors.

Ashley is an experienced nurse with excellent nursing skills and assessment abilities. Her current role as a nurse delegator challenges Ashley to apply her assessment skills, nursing judgement and teaching skills. She enjoys getting to know the patients and their needs. She also enjoys having a relationship with the caregivers, supporting them in providing excellent care.