February 6, 2020

Jeff Paul, CFO

Jeff Paul

Jeff always thought his career would be all about cars.  At age 14, he purchased his first vehicle for $412.50 (don’t forget that 50 cents!). Early work fixing, repairing, and painting cars turned into a position as a regional sales representative for a major auto paint manufacturer.  Later he started his own auto restoration shop.  But life has a way of surprising you, and the business skills he gained in the auto industry would find soon find a new application.

When his wife’s grandfather became ill, Frank (“Gramps” to the family) moved in with Jeff and his family. The two years Frank lived with them were life changing for Jeff. He helped care for Frank, enjoying listening to the stories of Frank’s life and history. While Jeff will always have a passion for cars, he realized he wanted to be a part of something more meaningful.

Jeff and his wife Beth spent a lot of time talking, thinking and looking at what options they could pursue to provide a compassionate, caring healthcare company. From their shared commitment and vision, In It Together was born. He has continued to find helping others both uplifting and profoundly meaningful.